Review Notifications are another type of Social Proof Notifications which happens to increase or create a positive sentiment about your website or product among your website's visitors.

Running Review Notifications, along with the existing notifications stack in your campaign, takes only few minutes. You just have to connect your Google place account inside the Influence campaign & your reviews will be fetched automatically.

Follow these steps to get it done quickly!

Step 1 - Go to Capture Leads Page of your Campaign

  • Click on Apps button
  • Click on Google card,
  • Enter your Place Name & Place ID, and click on Add button,

Step 2 - Save & Publish your Campaign

After successfully connecting your Google Account, you can save & publish your campaign to run Review Notifications.

Google Policy restricts the number of previous review notifications to 5. So you may be seeing only the last 5 reviews of your site. All subsequent reviews will be available on the notification.

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