Neto is an ever growing e-commerce platform & you can integrate it with Influence in a few minutes.

Just follow these steps to get it done quickly.

Step 1 - Inside Neto dashboard

  • Click on Setting & tools on the sidebar, and then click on Staff users
  • Go to any user with Admin accesses
  • Copy its username (this will be used inside Influence dashboard)
  • Generate an API Key & click on Save button {important}
  • Also, copy your Store URL.

Step 2 - Inside Influence dashboard

  • Open your campaign's Capture page & click on Apps button
  • Click on Neto card & a section will open up, 
  • Enter your Neto parameters in the respective fields (API key, username & Store url) and then click on Add button

  • Integration Webhook will be created as shown below, Copy this Webhook URL

Step 3 - Inside Neto dashboard again

  • Go to API settings page inside Developer Tools section
  • Click to enable Neto API webhook checkbox.
  • Paste your Influence Webhook (which was copied earlier) in the Neto API webhook URL field.
  • Finally, click on Save Changes button to complete the integration.

Do some test orders to check the data flow into your Influence campaign.

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