Lemlist is a trending email outreach automation software.

As an Influence user, you can connect your Lemlist account with your Influence Campaign & show Lemlist email conversions over Social Proof Notifications.

Just follow these simple steps to get it done quickly & easily.

Step 1 - Inside Lemlist Dashboard

Open up the Integrations section (as shown below), & copy your API key,

Step 2 - Inside Influence Dashboard - Connecting Lemlist

  • Go to your Campaign's Capture Leads step & click on Apps button.
  • Then Click on Connect button on the Lemlist card, a new section opens up,
  • Paste the Lemlist API key in the field below & click on Add button,
  • Newly created Lemlist connection will reflect automatically,

Step 3 - Configuring Recent & Bulk activity notifications (optional)

Lemlist conversions can be shown only on Recent activity & Bulk activity notifications, so you can optionally configure them to run the Lemlist conversions data only.

  • for Recent Activity Notification - select Lemlist from the dropdown to show only Lemlist conversions on your website,
  • for Bulk Activity Notifications - select Lemlist from the dropdown to show only Lemlist conversion data,

Save all the settings & Publish your campaign!

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