Important Features:

  1. Running Social Proof Notifications on the Websites.
  2. Whitelabel (Re-branding the product)
  3. Adding Sub-accounts (Reselling)
  4. Adding Teammates (for better Management of the account)
  5. Weekly-Monthly Summary reports (for better monitoring)
  6. Goals (understanding Influence generated conversions)
  7. Analytics & Statistics

Social Proof Notifications -

There are 3 types of notifications (3 more are under development):

  • Recent Activity - Which shows recent signups, purchases etc
  • Bulk Activity - It shows total signups, purchases or conversions over a period of time
  • Live Activity - It shows live visitor count on your website. It counts the unique visitors from all the pages where you have installed your Influence pixel.

Live Popups work automatically, i.e. with just the pixel installation.

Recent & Bulk Popups need conversion data, which comes from either your website signup forms or any integration which you have done with your Influence campaign (for example: Mailchimp-Influence integration)

Notifications will run on any webpage where there’s Influence pixel installed & you have mentioned that "page url" in your Campaign’s Display pages.

For setting up a new campaign you can follow this article:

Notification Style Customization: 

This can be found on individual notification's configuration windows.

  • Styles - You can change popup background color, text color, text font, icon/image etc.
  • Content - You can edit all the static text on the popups. {static text is the one which doesn’t change & remains constant}
  • Translations - You can translate notifications in 104 languages, all the static texts are editable for any grammatical errors after the translation.

Notification Display Settings:

This can be found as Step-2 of any campaign.

  • Popup Animations - You can control how notifications show on your website (Zoom, slide, bounce, & fade
  • Popup Location - You can control the display location on your website (bottom right or left)
  • Timings - You can control the time-lags & delays between subsequent notifications. (Use Randomize Delay setting to let the system show popups at random timings)

Essential requirements for a Campaign to Go Live:

  • Pixel must be installed properly on the website where you want to run notifications (Check your Install Pixel page for its status, it must turn be green) 
  • Display Pages - Enter the Url paths for the pages where you want to run notifications, or select ‘run on all pages’ option.
  • Capture Pages - Necessary only to run Recent & Bulk Activity notifications. Integrations with other Applications/tools can also be done from inside this step.

Troubleshooting a Campaign:

You need to go to your Campaigns listing page & click on the Debug button on the campaign you want to troubleshoot. A modal will open & debugging will start automatically.

What’s the meaning of various terms on the Debugging modal?

  1. Pixel should be installed properly.
  2. Display Pages should be mentioned properly.
  3. Active Capture page area - You can ignore this if you already have any integration connected or conversion data is coming into your campaign through a method other than your website’s form.
  4. Goal should exist - You need to make a Goal for that campaign to better track your conversions generated specifically by Influence notifications
  5. Display range consideration for Recent Activity Notifications - Sometimes you want to display the last 5 conversions but the actual conversions inside your campaign are less than 5, this bar shows “red” when that happens. However it will turn “Green” after sometime if you have active conversion inflow.
  6. Time range consideration for Recent Activity Notifications - Sometimes you want to display the conversions from last 5 days, but your actual conversion data is older than that, so this bar will show red to reflect that error and you may need to increase your time-range considerations.

Testing Notifications on your website:

  • Live Notifications - They will reflect automatically when you refresh the page. However, in certain cases where you have chosen to ‘hide Live visitor notifications’ if the website viewers are less than ‘a certain number’, you might not be able to see the notifications.
  • Recent Notifications - If you have active data inflow into your Campaign, your Recent Notifications will reflect automatically on your display pages. If you’re just starting out fresh then you can do some test Signups/Purchases to see if everything is working fine.
  • Bulk Notifications - If you have active data inflow then Bulk Activity Notifications will reflect automatically. However, you need to control the time range settings on your Configure bulk window, for example: “show total signups from the last 5 days” will consider only the last 5 day signups or purchases.

Why are the notifications starting late on my website, although initial delay is set to ‘zero seconds’?

In most cases it has been observed that “initial delay in starting the first notification = 0 seconds” doesn’t work perfectly since Influence script is made to run at last & some of your website’s plugins might take some time to load initially during the page load. Influence script runs in “Defer mode” thus nullifying the effects of load-time on your website. So, normally you can see the notifications after 2-3 seconds after you first open your website in the browser}.

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