Connecting Influence with your Magento store is quite simple & can be done in minutes. Just follow the below mentioned steps and get it done quickly.

Influence offers its Magento marketplace plugin for smooth installation.

Step 1. Install Influence Magento Plugin

You need to ask your developer to install the Plugin.

After installing the Plugin, you need to configure it. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit Stores > Configuration section
  2. Click on the Influence tab to expand it, fill in the relevant details (as shown below):

{Note: Insert API key if you want to track Product purchases also}

Make sure to select Module Enable as Yes.

Step 2. Make a new Campaign

Make a new campaign for your website, note that the campaign url should exactly match with your domain/store url.

Influence notifications will start running as soon as it starts getting data from your Magento store.

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