You can set campaign Goals and get deeper insights into website visitor journey. You can set numerous Goals for a single campaign & track user behaviors with statistics.

What are Goals?

Goal allow you to identify & track a specific action that you want people to take on your website. For example, your campaign's Goal may be to influence people to subscribe on a particular form or just signup.

What are the benefits of a Goal?

A Goal gives you the insights into your website's visitor conversions/hit-rate, & your campaign's effectiveness in swaying the visitors to make a specific action.

How to make a new Goal?

Making a Goal is quite easy & can be done in less than 30 seconds. Just follow these simple steps;

  1. Go to Goals page on your dashboard & click on Add Goal button.

 2. Fill up the necessary details on Modal & click on Add button to get it done. 

{Necessary condition:  You Goal Url must have Influence Pixel installed}

You can see the newly created Goal as shown below,

Sit back & see the data rolling in!

How are Goal Completions tracked?

Goal completions are tracked when a website visitor/user (in a Campaign) visits one of the Goal Completions URL. Goals data is tracked only for the visitors of any page running Influence campaign.


Install pixel on all Goal Completion URLs

Make sure that your Influence pixel is installed on all of these Goal Completion URLs.

The same user can potentially complete multiple goal completions

A Goal Completion is counted once per user – in a 24 hours window. 

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