Integrating with Gravity Form is fairly simple & can be done in less than two minutes.

Just follow the step & get it done quickly.

Step 1. Generate a unique Gravity Webhook URL:

Go to your Campaign's Capture Page.

Click on Webhooks button, & then click on Create button on Gravity card.

A webhook endpoint will be automatically generated, Copy that from the below Webhook List.

Step 2. Installing the Endpoint inside Gravity Form:

Go to your Gravity Form dashboard.

Open the Settings section of the Form you want to connect.

Click on the Webhooks tab and then click the Add New button.

On the Feed Settings page, as shown below, enter;

  1. Name - Enter any name for identification purpose
  2. Request URL - Paste the copied endpoint from STEP-1.
  3. Request Method - Select POST.
  4. Request Format - JSON.
  5. Request Headers - not required.
  6. Request Body - Select All Fields.

Finally click on Update Settings button to complete the installation.

See the newly created connection! Do some tests by adding some data into your Gravity Form.

After successful integration, you can now directly receive new contacts/Form data inside your Influence Campaign, and show them as Recent Activity Notifications.

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