Installing Influence Plugin on your WooCommerce store is a 2 minute task.
Just follow these simple steps & get it done quickly!

{Important Note: Please only use Influence WP Plugin for WooCommerce to run perfectly. Other methods like direct Pixel install or GTM will not work properly}

Search for Useinfluence Plugin inside your Wordpress dashboard's Add Plugins screen, Or Go to Influence Plugin Page (on Wordpress marketplace).

Click on Install Now button on the plugin card, as shown in below picture.

After successful installation, go to your Plugins directory & activate the plugin.

You will be redirected to the below screen where you have to enter your credentials:

You can get Tracking ID & API key from your Influence dashboard,

The underlined part of the above image is the Tracking ID.

Once you have inserted your credentials, Click on Save button to finish the authentication process.

Once the Plugin is installed successfully, you can go back to your Influence dashboard and start creating a New Campaign.

Click on the below button to launch your campaign on WooCommerce,

{Note: While creating a new campaign for WooCommerce, insert your exact Domain URL on the campaign info page.}

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