As an Influence user you can easily install Influence on your Shopify Store & start running Social Proof Notifications within a few minutes.

Just follow these simple steps;

(Inside Influence dashboard)

Make a New Campaign for your Shopify Store. Note that the Website URL you input should be exactly same as that of your Store's.

to Capture Leads screen, Click on Apps button & then click on Connect button on Shopify card. Enter Shopify Store URL & click on Add button.
{Important Note: Enter store URL without "https" or "http"}

You will be redirected to your Shopify Login Page, complete the process by clicking on Install button & you will see a success message

Close the window & come back to your Influence dashboard (campaign).

As marked in the below picture, Select the type of Webhook, Signup or Order Placed, depending upon the type of Recent Activity notifications you want to run.
Also, now you can see the details of connected store on campaign's Capture Page.

If you just want to show normal signups on Recent Activity notifications then check the Signup button only, Or if you want to run Product Purchase Notifications then check the Order Placed box.

Once you have completed the Installation & Campaign creation steps, you are all set, go to your web store and see the notifications running.

Still having problems? Ping us anytime.

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