Integrating Influence with Teachable is fairly simple.

Just follow the steps to get it done quickly.

Step 1. Generating & Teachable  Webhook:

[Purpose - To fetch conversions into your Influence Campaign]

Generate & Copy your Teachable Webhook from the campaign.

For Installing Webhook inside your Teachable account follow the below steps;

Go to Webhooks Page & click on New Webhook button as shown below,

As per the below picture:
1. Paste your Webhook Url,
2. Make sure you select 'New Users (Join Your School)' as an event trigger.
3. Turn On the Send as JSON Array button.
4. Click on Create Webhook button to complete the process.

You can see the newly created Webhook below, pending status will get verified once a New User is created & data is sent to you Influence Campaign.

Step 2. Installing your Influence Pixel on Teachable:

[Purpose - To display notifications on your Teachable webpages]

Follow the below mentioned steps or Click Here for detailed instructions.

  1. Log in to your Teachable school and select Site from the admin sidebar.
  2. Click Code Snippets from the submenu
  3. Paste your pixel code inside the Head Code Snippets text field. 
  4. Click Save.

Once you're done with the above steps, make sure to verify Pixel code inside your Influence account.

Still getting stuck? Ping our support anytime.

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