For an agency account user, managing sub-accounts can be done from the Settings Page inside your dashboard.

Follow these steps to add a new user (sub-account):

On your Settings Page, click on Manage Users card

on Add Users button, a modal will open.

Fill out the all the fields as per below instructions:

  1. Email Address - input sub-user's email address.
  2. Account Name - assign any username to that sub-user.
  3. Password - assign any password, sub-user can change it manually after it logins.
  4. Select role as Editor.
  5. Select module as Campaign Manager only. {Note:- Selecting as Account Manager will give sub-user access to all the areas of your account}
  6. Select Campaign (optional) - Let the campaigns remain un-clicked if you don't want to assign any campaign to that sub-user.
  7. Assign & set Usage Limit - You have to manually input Unique Visitor Limits for any user.
  8. Click on Add Member once you are done. 

You can see the newly created user as shown below.
By clicking on Settings icon you can enable or disable that user, & change its password or role.

Clicking on delete icon will delete that user permanently.

Now you are all set & done !

Add multiple accounts by following the above instructions.

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