White-Label feature gives you the power to re-brand Influence product & resell it under your own banner.

Here are the things you have to do:

Step 1.  Re-branding

Go to your Profile Settings page -

on White Label tab, fill out the fields as per your requirement -

  • Upload your brand logo - this will replace all the Influence brand icons, even favicon
  • Fill in your brand name - this will replace Influence name everywhere
  • Fill in the complete Url of the page were you will host your Help Articles to redirect your sub-users on them. Leave it empty if you don't want to.

Inserting custom scripts will help you in installing your own 'Widgets' or 'Google Tag Manger' scripts on your WhiteLabel dashboard pages.

  • Insert Header Script - Insert your custom scripts here & this will go inside the <head> tags of your whitelabel dashboard.
  • Insert Footer/Body Script - This script goes inside the <body> tags of your whitelabel dashboard.
  • Insert your Domain Url which you want to reflect to your sub-users, for example: if you own a domain named 'yourdomain.com' then add any custom text to it which you want, like 'custom.yourdomain.com'. Remember the same text will have to be updated in your domain DNS records.

Step 2.  Updating DNS records

Once you are done with the above step, you have to update the DNS records inside your domain name management dashboard.

Inside your DNS settings area,  you have to add a new record.

  • Select type of record as 'A'
  • If your masking domain looks like 'custom.yourdomain.com', then you have to insert   custom   in name field
  • In IPv4 address field,  insert
  • Click on Add Record & see a new record being created, as shown below.

After completing the above step, your Unique Url (custom.yourdomain.com) will be activated & it will show re-branded Influence to your customers.

Step 3. Adding Sub-User/Customer Accounts

You have to manually add sub-user accounts from inside your dashboard.

Here are the steps to add a sub-account:

  • Click on Add Users button
  • Fill in the user's email, name & any password
  • Choose role as 'Editor', & module as Campaign Manager {important}
  • Optionally, you can also assign an existing campaign to that user
  • Set the Unique Visitor limit for that sub-user.
  • Click on Add Member

Finally, you can share the Login Credentials & Rebranded Url link to your newly added sub-user.

Repeat Step-3 to add multiple sub-users.

Get White-label help article content:

Still getting stuck?  Ping us anytime, we are more than happy to help you with the installation.

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