Influence uses its advance technological frameworks to execute the functionalities & features it provides.
Influence Users need to install a 'Unique Script' (Pixel code) on their websites wherever they want to show 'Social Proof Notifications'. Pixel code maintains the flow of data between the user website & Influence servers. Pixel code picks the relevant events from the website pages, sends it to the backend servers where it is processed using complex algorithms, and then refurbishes the refined data on the respective notifications through campaigns.
There are three types of notifications which are explained below:

  1. Live Visitor Count - Shows the real-time count of active website viewers.
  2. Recent Activity - Shows the recent signups/purchases/conversions.
  3. Bulk Activity - Shows the events happened overtime, like 'Total signups or purchases happened in last 7 days'.

Data Gathering:
Live Visitor Count statistics are auto-picked from the website pages on which Pixel is installed.
For Recent Activity, Influence Pixel picks up the signup form data (email & name only) & then enriches the data to know the true customer identity which reflects on the popups.

Influence Analytics:
Influence data engine works round the clock to generate conversion related analytics for your website by churning thousands of data points.

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