Once you are done with your installation step, the next step is to setup a campaign.

(Note: If you have skipped the first step, then this will not work, so please make sure you complete the first step.Click here to complete the first step)

Setting up a campaign is also an easy task. All it takes is a 4 step process to get it up and running.

To do that first you'll have to go to the and click on the plus area on the left side of the dashboard.

Once that is done, you'll see a window show up like this, where you'll have to fill in your campaign name and domain name.

Once that is done, you'll be shown a new 4 step process of creating a campaign where you will have to configure things as per your requirements and needs.

1. Notifications:

If you see this area, you can switch on and off to these notifications and decide which ones you want to keep active and which ones you want to shut down. Also, you can click on the configure button and see the settings that work the best for you.

Once this is done then you can click on the save button and move on to the next.

2. Settings:

Now if you see the settings area, you can notice that there are some preloaded settings in this section. What we have done is we have optimised these settings to the maximum so that they make sense and convert the best for you, if you wish to change them you can or you can leave them as they are.

3. Capture Leads: (skip for Magento, Shopify & Woocommerce)

Capture leads is where you want to enter the details of the place where you have a form on your website or the place from where you want us to pick details and show it to your customers.

So you don't have to add the full website name, you just have to add the path URL and then it will pick things on its own and click on the add area.

You can use 3 methods to capture leads: Website URLs, Zapier application, or connect it using Webhooks.

4. Display: 

This is the area where you decide where you want to display your notifications, you can either run it on all pages, ,specific pages, or even run on a subdomain.

And once you are done, with this you need to go in the footer area and click on the Publish Button (in the footer area) to make your campaign go live.

You can click here on the third step to find out how to check whether your notifications are running or not.

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