To get started on ClickFunnels integration is pretty simple and easy.

Just follow these steps & get it done quickly!

{Note: You have to integrate one funnel at time if you have multiple funnels.}

Step 2: Inside Influence dashboard

Follow these steps:

  • Open the respective Campaign
  • Go to Capture Leads page (Step 3).
  • Click on Webhooks tab & then click on ClickFunnels card to generate a Webhook.
  • Copy the Webhooks URL, you will need this in the next step,

Step 2: Inside ClickFunnels dashboard

  • Click on Click Funnels dropdown & select any funnel you want to connect,
  • Click on Settings button on top-right corner,
  • Paste your Influence Pixel inside Head Tracking Code section,

After Pixel installation, now you need to install your CF Webhook URL.

  • Scroll down on the same window, & on the Webhooks section click on Manage Your Funnel Webhooks button
  • Fill up the fields as per below picture (CF Webhook URL will be pasted in '1)'
  • Finally, click on Create Funnel Webhook button to complete the integration.

Do some test signups to check the data flow into your campaign.

Once this is done you can test your campaign and see if it works or not.

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