Integrating with Demio is a complete no-brainer, and can be done in minutes.

You can directly install your Influence Campaign Pixel Code inside your Demio account.

Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Copy your "Influence Pixel Code".

Step 2: Inside your Demio Dashboard:

Follow these simple steps:

a.) Click on "My Events" in the side navbar

b.) Click on the Webinar title:

c.) Inside the webinar screen, click on "Edit" button, another screen will appear.

d.) Click on the "Advanced" button & then click on the "Tracking" button in the dropdown:

e.) Paste your "Pixel Code" in the "Registration Page <head>" field. Click on "Save".

Put your "Webinar Registration page URL" on the "Capture Page" section of your Influence Campaign.

After this you are all set!

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