First step of your journey is to install your Influence Pixel. Pixel installation & verification is a two minute task & can be done easily by following the below mentioned steps.

There are various methods to add pixel to your website, some of them are:

  1. Directly pasting inside the website's code, between the <head></head> tags.
  2. Installation through Google Tag Manager.
  3. Installing Wordpress / WooCommerce Plugin
  4. Installing Shopify App.
  5. Installing as Javascript code snippet on various platforms - Teachable, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Squarespace etc.

Method-1 : Installing directly inside your Website's code

Step 1: Copy your unique pixel code

Inside your Influence dashboard, you need to click on the Getting Started page and click on the first step, and that will redirect you to the pixel area, Or just go directly to the Pixel Page.

Once you are inside the Pixel Page, you need to copy the pixel by clicking on the Copy button.

Step 2: Add Pixel to your website header.

Now paste that code between the <head> </head>  tags of your website.

It is important that the Pixel is present on every page of your website for which you want to track, capture and display notifications on.

Step 3: Make Sure That Your Pixel Is Verified.

Once you have installed the pixel correctly, then see the list below whether it is verified or not. You also need to have a campaign ready. Without a campaign the Pixel will not be verified.

Your Pixel Page should look like this (notice the green highlights):

Method-2: Installation using GTM (Google Tag Manager)

Method-3 : Wordpress & WooCommerce Installation

If you are still facing any issues, then you can Contact Us and we'd be more than happy to assist you on it.

Click on Step 2 to finish your installation process

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