Here are the steps for generating custom Webhook URLs for your campaigns.


  1. Your Webhook URLs are specific to a particular campaign only.
  2. Your Webhook URLs can be used in any number of applications for sending data to your campaign.

Steps-1:  Inside a Campaign

a) Go to Capture Leads step:

  • Click on the Webhooks button.
  • Then click on Create button on the Custom card.
  • Scroll down below to the Webhook List & copy the Custom webhook as marked below,

For Developers:

Data to the Webhook should be sent in a standardized JSON format. JSON body structure & required fields are;

    email: ' ',
    latitude: 'number',
    longitude: 'number',
    city: 'string',
    country: 'string',
    productName: ' ',
    productId: ' ',
    productImg: ' ',
    firstname: ' ',
    lastname: ' '

You are all set now !!

Use that 'Custom Webhook Endpoint' wherever you need it.

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