A.) Starting up:

After signing up you will land upon Getting Started page.

There are four steps listed on this page:

Step 1 & 2 are necessary steps which will help you in launching your campaigns. Follow these articles to help you with Step-1 (Pixel Installation) & Step-2 (Launching Campaigns).

Step 4 - Integrating your Influence app with other online applications. Here are the help articles to get you started with Integrations. 

B.) Monitoring:

After completing the above steps, you can move on to your dashboard's Analytics sections & start monitoring the data coming from your websites.

C.) Account Credentials & Unique Identifiers:

Your account has been assigned a Unique Tracking ID & a secret API Key.

You can access them both as shown in below;

Unique Tracking ID - Marked characters of Pixel code in below picture.

Secret API Key

You may need to extensively use your Tracking ID & API key in areas related to the Integrations and Plugin installations.

Be careful while generating a new API key, this may affect the working of some already connected Integrations/Plugins.

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